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Paving Maintenance Supply, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of Star-Seal asphalt pavement sealer products and sealcoating equipment. We supply a full line of pavement maintenance products and equipment for contractors in the Pavement Maintenance Industry.
Your choice! Order online or call us at 1-800-594-7674.
Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-594-7674 with Questions and/or for Additional Information about any of our products.

Introducing Some Of Our Products
Introducing STAR ROAD-GUARD - Specialty Asphalt Surface Treatment
STAR ROAD-GUARD is an outstanding asphalt emulsion-based pavement coating that is far superior in performance compared to the conventional surface treatments. It is designed for road surfaces that have deteriorated over the years of use.
STAR ROAD-GUARD is water-based; safe to handle and store. It is non-irritating, non-toxic and nearly odorless. Does not emit any noxious fumes or burning sensation to skin during application. Excellent value in cost savings compared to traditional slurry sealing treatments.
STAR ROAD-GUARD is formulated with tough rubber/ polymers, specialty chemicals and select mineral fillers which impart flexibility and durability to the coated pavement surfaces. To maximize the performance properties, the rubber/polymer is hot-blended during the manufacturing process.
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What is different about Stencils from PMSI?
Pedestrian Walkway Stencil The Service you get!
We ship 95% of all orders within 24 hours.
Special logos and Stencils are professionally designed
and quickly submitted for customers approval.
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